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Elastic Lumbar Belt Helps

February 23, 2010 17:31 by juliecoxcid

Discussion abounds regarding the efficacy of back brace supports. When used for a limited time by the properly selected patient, the research seems to show that back belts can help. 

Calmel, Queneau, Hamonet et al report in Spine (vol 34, no 3, 2/1/09, pgs 215-220) on a study they conducted involving 197 subacute low back patients. The 197 were divided into two groups: belt-wearers and non-belt wearers. The belt-wearing group showed

  • higher decrease in pain as shown on a visual analog scale (pain rated from 1 to 10)
  • higher increase in functional status in belt-wearers than non-belt wearers
  • higher decrease in pharmacologic intake (60% of belt wearers reduced their intake vs 40% of  non-belt wearers)

Elastic lumbar belt wearing in subacute low back pain improves significantly the functional status, the pain level and the pharmacologic consumption in suffering back pain patients. A quality support belt like the Cox® lumbosacral support belt may be of consideration for patients.


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