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FREE Webinar - Cox Technic

May 6, 2011 16:30 by juliecoxcid

Dr. James Cox and Julie Cox-Cid present a FREE WEBINAR on Cox Technic: Meeting the Demand for Chiropractic and Evidence-Based Care and How Cox Technic Complete keeps you and your patients in the loop.

Click here for more information.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 12:30pm EDT  - Reserve your seat now!

Join Dr. James Cox from the comfort of your own office! He will discuss Cox Technic and chiropractic with a well-referenced presentation on the
- demand for evidence based care
- demand for chiropractic
- demand for spinal manipulation
- demand for a way to tell the world what chiropractic can do



Dr. Cox will emphasize the documented Cox Technic System of Spinal Pain Management and share how Cox Technic Complete allows chiropractors a professional online, internet presence that emphasizes their skills.

Julie Cox-Cid will follow-up with a demonstration of how Cox Technic Complete® gives you the tools to keep that system working and effective with...

  • seminar discounts,
  • research updates,
  • videos and powerpoint presentations, 
  • clinical tips, and
  • an internet presence - website - to differentiate your practice as the chiropractic practice for spinal pain relief.

Cox Technic Complete is the complete program for the chiropractor who treats spine pain patients and wants to differentiate his or her chiropractic practice for success. 

Register Now for this FREE WEBINAR on Wednesday, May 11, 2011, 12:30pm EDT  
In the meantime, you are invited to get more information about Cox Technic, get more information on the CTC program or simply sign up to get started with the CTC program now.  Call 1-800-441-5571 for more information.

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The NEW Healthcare Reality

April 14, 2011 17:50 by juliecoxcid

Healthcare by committee...evidence based medicine...cheapest healthcare options

Healthcare debate swirls. Physicians want to do what is best for patients. Patients want to be well. We all want affordable healthcare but aren't sure how to make that a reality.

Check out this news item just posted at

Chiropractic has its place. Patients like the care. Tell the patients you are right for them and their health. After reading the article above, check out how Cox Technic Complete may help tell the community what you do well.

Contact us if you have any questions!

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Cox Technic Complete Differentiates Cox Technic Practices as Back Specialist Practices

April 5, 2011 17:20 by juliecoxcid

The Cox Technic Complete® program differentiates the chiropractic practice focusing on back pain, neck pain, arm pain, leg pain relief...because people are searching for chiropractors for back pain relief!

3 million Google searches look for chiropractic each month. You want your local practice to appear before patients who search for you, the back pain specialist chiropractor, locally.

Cox Technic Complete® offers search engine optimized content (updated automatically each week with current research), graphics, animations, and videos to show patients that you are competent, are up-to-date with back pain care, are the right choice for their back pain relief. Cox Technic Complete® entices potential patients to call you.

Cox Technic Complete® does it for you.

  • Cox Technic is known for its RESEARCH, its REFERENCES, its RESULTS.
  • Cox Technic Complete® is the program to deliver all these and more to you and your patients in a timely and efficient manner, so you get new patients searching for your help online and offline.

Cox Technic Complete® presents you as the chiropractic back pain specialist

  • FOCUSED on back, neck, leg and arm pain relief,
  • SKILLED in spinal manipulation,
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE of recent medical papers about the spine,
  • COMPETENT to handle the worst back pain as well as a sprain,

and, new patients want to contact you for help. 
Cox Technic Complete® gives you the tools to stand out as the back pain specialist in your community and get new patients:

online WEBSITE

  • expertly written content by Cox® Technic with Dr. James Cox
    • nearly 55 spine pain condition pages
    • automatically uploaded SEO-optimized articles to your site each month
  • referenced articles with links to source articles
  • professional, striking animations and graphics
  • treatment demo videos

onsite seminar TRAINING

  • discounted seminars
  • audio discussions of care from Dr. James Cox


  • Cox® Research Pearls
  • Exam Forms
  • Newspaper ads

Differentiate.     Be the back specialist in your community with Cox Technic.      Get new patients who are wanting your help.

See the video demonstration at

Contact us for a personal tour of the admin control section.

Sign up today.

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Cox Technic Complete - New Video Introduction

December 1, 2010 15:01 by juliecoxcid

The Cox Technic Complete® new marketing/website/patient communication tool is ready for your practice! A new introductory video to its functionality and offerings (lots!) with preview pages of the content is ready at Bill (260-407-1761 and Angie (260-443-7904 are ready to host a personal online preview with you at your convenience if you like, too.

cox_technic_complete.pdf (1.13 mb)

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