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Glycosaminoglycan for Disc Cartilage

August 30, 2011 15:46 by juliecoxcid

Glycosaminoglyan in disc cartilage is well-documented. This set of researchers wanted to find out what happens to the glycosaminoglycan if the disc is damaged.

So, they punctured the lumbar annulus fibrosus.

After 5 weeks, they performed an MRI  to estimate disc volume and glycosaminoglycan distribution.

The results show that the disc volume increased significantly at 4 weeks after the puncture.

The disc’s nucleus pulposus (center) displaced from annulus fibrosus (surrounding rings) increased T1 weighting of disc and glycosaminoglycan significantly decreased. So basically if there is damage to a disc, glycosaminoglycan leaves the damaged disc,  and the disc changes.

Nutritional and chiropractic treatment seems logical to help repair the damage.

Read more about this research, the check out the Discat Plus formulation for disc health and Cox Technic for disc herniation treatment and relief.

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