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Cox® Technic Flexion Distraction Side-Effects Minimal: 1 in Reception and 0 in Application Compared to Higher Side-Effects in Other Techniques' Training

February 24, 2010 00:08 by juliecoxcid

Physician’s Oath: “First, do no harm.” The source of the oath may be discussed and disputed, but it is accepted as a good first step in establishing patient/doctor ethics I think all would agree.

After a less-than-desirable early-in-his-career patient outcome experience, Dr. James Cox sought out another way to approach the back pain patient that was gentle and effective. He describes Cox® Technic Flexion-Distraction and Decompression Adjusting as safe and effective, smooth and rhythmical, chiropractic spinal manipulation. In his 47 year career, he continues to seek, support and relish quality research that reveals how flexion-distraction helps back pain and neck pain patients, even in the education setting.

Ndetan, Rupert, Bae and Singh report in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (vol 32, no 2, pgs 134-139) that Cox® Flexion Distraction showed almost no adverse side-effects in its clinical application of manipulation to the treating doctor and only 1 in 54 of the patients being manipulated. This study was conducted at Parker College of Chiropractic in 2006 and involved student perceptions of injury sources. Here are the statistics:

Diversified Technique                280 cases

61 injuries to the applier of the adjustments

                                                            74 injuries to the receiver of the adjustment

Thompson Technique                142 cases

                                                            3 injuries to the applier of the adjustments

                                                            25 injuries to the receiver of the adjustment

Gonstead Technique                 135 cases

31 injuries to the applier of the adjustments

                                                            39 injuries to the receiver of the adjustment

Cox Flexion-Distraction            54 cases

                                                            0 injuries to the applier of the adjustments

                                                            1 injury to the receiver of the adjustment

“First, do no harm.” Second, let's add “learn from experience.” If you can save yourself from having to experience the less-than-desirable experience to learn, learn from those who have experienced such. Many a chiropractic student and doctor have felt side-effects from a learning situation and/or a practice-based situation. Seek out a technique that has the least side-effects for the doctor and the patient.

Cox® Technic can be of service to the doctor and the patient in this regard.



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