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"I heard Dr. Cox 30 years ago..."

November 18, 2014 18:07 by juliecoxcid

Dr. James Cox had the privilege to present to the 700+ attendees at the ANJC Fall Summit in East Brunswick NJ this past weekend. As he always does, he passionately shares his love of chiropractic and of the research and science behind its art of healing and pain relief. He loves to share his clinical experience over teh past 51 years. At the ANJC, I heard more doctors come up to me and say "I heard your dad / Dr. Cox speak 30 years ago!" While that is awesome, I am so glad they came to hear him again!!! His passion for chiropractic and its science and its art is amazing, and the stories that come after this conversation starter are always interesting. Those are for another blog post...

I have worked with Dad (Dr. Cox) for 22 years. In 22 years, so much has changed and evolved. I was hired to write a newsletter for him and the technique. Today, I get to talk to doctors from around the globe who share their personal patient success stories (which I wish I could get them all to write for me to share with all of you!) and plan training seminars and support our teaching team and coordinate clinicians who want to do research with researchers and connect patients (who are often at the end of their ropes) who need back pain and neck pain relief with Cox Technic certified physicians who can deliver that relief. 

Further, during these 22 years, I have likely sat in over 400 presentations with Dr. Cox and/or other members of our instruction team (Drs. Greenwood, Hazen, Joachim, Kruse, Olding et al). I learn something new at every single course. I hear a new insight or application of a protocol. I hear a new struggle or a new success. I have been on the scene when Dr. Gudavalli has announced reception of a new grant from NIH or HRSA or FCER (when it was in operation) or that a paper about flexion distraction (teaching tools or biomechanical research outcomes or clinical comparison study) is accepted for publication or that he is invited to present flexion distraction to fellow biomechanical engineers and/or chiropractors at conferences in places like Sydney, Dubai, Portugal, California, etc. I am able to watch new doctors to the technique grow in excitement and passion during the course of a seminar. I am honored to hear their stories throughout the course, their personal struggles with back pain and neck pain or those of a loved one, their professional uncertainty as to whether to keep practicing or retire, their journey for finding a better way to help their patients.

What a privilege it's been to be a part of all this excitement that often goes on behind the scenes yet is only known by a few. So thank you to everyone who gives Dr. Cox a second chance - even if it's 30 years later - to share his passion for chiropractic, its science and its art, its research and its clinical application. And I am so glad that you get that chance as he is my dad, and I am so honored to still have him in my life these 30 years, 40 years, almost (!) 50 years. 

I look forward to seeing you at a seminar or lunchtime LIVE webinar or hands-on workshop and hearing your story of hearing Dad teach you 30 years ago (or 2 years ago or 2 months ago!). I am confident you will hear something new to inspire you and your enthusiasm for your chiropractic practice and profession!

- Julie Cox-Cid 

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