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Chiropractic and Back Pain

May 9, 2011 11:34 by juliecoxcid

Chiropractic and Back Pain. Chiropractic and Neck Pain. Chiropractic and Spine Pain. The public thinks of chiropractic for back pain by and large.

  • 33% of 27,810 people chose chiropractors as their treating physician for low back pain in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. (NHANE) [in Deyo R: Spine 12(3)]
  • Spine care delivery is 60% by the medical model and 40% by the chiropractic model. [Saal, Spine 22(14)]
  • The total number of US adults who went to a chiropractor increased 57% from 2000-2003. [Davis, Health Svcs Research 45(3)]
  • Paid costs for back pain care started with a chiropractor were 40% less than care started with a MD. [Liliedahl, JMPT 33(9)]

Chiropractic is reknown for its back pain care. Chiropractic has evidence-based technique to relieve and control back pain like Cox Technic.

The federally funded studies document Cox Technic Flexion-Distraction and Decompression's biomechanical effects on the spine as well as its clinical outcomes:

  • intradiscal pressure drops to as low as -192mm Hg in the lumbar spine
  • 28% widening of the area of the intervertebral canal
  • flexion distraction is superior in relieving pain due to radiculopathy (leg pain) compared to medical care. (Gudavalli, Euro Sp J 2006
  • 29 days and  12 visits are the averages for relief of low back pain when not taking into account specific conditions of back pain. [Cox, Topics in Clinical Chiropractic 1996, 3(3)]
  • 13.2 treatments is the average for relief of neck pain radiculopathy. [Schliesser, Kruse, JMPT 26(9)]

Back pain and chiropractic fit together. The chiropractic physician is skilled in the diagnosis, examination and treatment of back pain as well as its prevention with nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices. The chiropractic back pain research continues to evolve in support. Chiropractic physicians train specially to keep abreast of the latest research and Cox Technic treatment application in seminars. Back pain patients find Cox Technic physicians for their back pain relief when they search the referral directory of certified Cox Technic physicians.

Research leads the way in evidence-based care and in Cox Technic.

Contact Cox Technic if you have any questions.

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