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Evidence-Based Protocol for Back Pain and Neck Pain Relief

September 26, 2011 10:51 by juliecoxcid

Healthcare costs and healthcare demands are all the talk today. Families struggle with healthcare decisions. Politicians and insurance companies are changing the system. Doctors are changing their office protocols to meet the new guidelines. It's hard to keep up for everyone. But for your health, you know that evidence-based protocols are those that you want for your loved ones when they hurt.

Evidence-based protocols come from documentation by clinicians and researchers seeking an answer to help sufferers. When it comes to back pain and lower back pain and neck pain sufferers, Cox Technic strives to provide the evidence-based protocols to make a difference in your lives. Researchers from prestigious universities and research centers (click here to see some of the federally funded projects and who is involved) work together to document the biomechanical (answering the question: what happens during Cox Technic?) and clinical (answering the question: how long does it take to get relief?) of Cox Technic.

Systematically, researchers and clinicians work to define the evidence-based protocols that will relieve back pain and neck pain without surgery or drugs when possible. When a doctor implements evidence-based protocols in his or her clinical practice, patients can feel a bit more assured that there is a level of science and understanding behind those protocols and find reasonable relief of pain. All persons involved know what to expect and what to do when those expectations are not met.

Evidence-based medicine and clinical protocols are the present and the future of healthcare. If something works, it will likely be used and paid for. If it doesn't, it likely won't.

If you suffer with back pain or related extremity pain or neck pain, contact a Cox Technic certified physician to discuss your condition and expectation of relief. Cox Technic treatment protocols are safe and gentle.

If you are physician seeking to implement an evidence-based protocol in your spine pain practice, contact us for information on educational opportunities and training seminars, research, and publications about the evidence-based protocols of Cox Technic.

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