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New Research - Perna Canaliculus Reduces Gastrointestinal Dysfunction

March 22, 2012 10:32 by juliecoxcid

Since the early days of his chiropractic career, Dr. James Cox has studied the nutrition of the disc right alongside all the biomechanical influences and clinical treatment approaches. Nutrition of the disc is important! Building cartilage, reducing inflammation, slowing degeneration and regenerating cartilage are positive outcomes for lower back pain patients. So he developed Discat Plus for his patients as part of the Cox Technic System for Spinal Pain Management.

Discat Plus has glucosamine sulfate plus the minerals found in the disc, but it also uses perna canaliculus as the source for the chondroitin sulfate. Perna Canaliculus is so beneficial! It is reported in the medical literature studies to improve cartilage (like knee and disc) mobility, pain and stiffness. A new report just coming out discusses perna's positive effect on gastrointestinal dysfunction (in 49% of osteoarthritis patients), too! Back and neck pain sufferers benefit as well as osteoarthritis sufferers.

Check out more information, an audio discussion about disc nutrition by Dr. Cox, and more details about the ingredients in Discat Plus to benefit the disc's cartilage alongside the  flexion distraction chiropractic spinal manipulation adjustment! 

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