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Recorded Webinars Available from Cox Technic

October 6, 2011 16:18 by juliecoxcid

We have our secure portal and can now start sharing some of the recorded Cox Technic related webinars from the past year. Some are free and presented by Cox Technic Complete (the program for online outreach for flexion-distraction physicians) and some are fee-based as they are academic presentations by Dr. James Cox.

The free webinars include case report presentations of actual patient cases from exam through treatment and outcome as well as discussions of the latest statistics in the world of spinal pain management. Dr. Cox's passion for spinal pain care and research shines in these and his passion will inspire you! Demonstrations of how the Cox Technic Complete program highlights these research and scientific advances and findings for spinal care for the subscriber. Cox Technic Complete pulls it all together from clinical office materials that are downloadable to the website that is personalized for your practice and optimized for internet SEO and localization telling your community that you are a back pain specialist with the treatment to help them get rid of pain.

The educational, academic fee-based webinars are on topics like pathologies in the chiropractic practice, FBSS patients, Cox Technic research studies and patient documentation. Dr. Cox shares his clinical practice style and his passion for chiropractic and research are evident and will likely inspire you.

More online recorded Cox Technic webinars are in the editting stage and will be uploaded over the next few weeks. Enjoy these for now!

Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for future webinars!

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