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Video of Cox Technic - It's For More than Just Low Back Pain!

February 16, 2015 23:03 by juliecoxcid

Dr. James Cox well developed Cox® Technic's reputation for managing low back pain and sciatica. Most everyone who uses it says they'd turn to flexion distraction to manage low back pain and leg pain and disc herniation. But the evolution of Cox Technic to caring for the other regions of the spine has grown! Flexion Distraction Cox® Technic for cervical spine disc herniations and disc degeneration and headache and arm pain is well researched biomechanically and clinically. Its research progresses with federal funding via NIH and HRSA chiropractic research grants at NUHS and Palmer Research with Loyola Stritch School of Medicine/Hines VA Hospital and others like University of Iowa and University of Illinois. It's so exciting!

Check out this video that just shows snippets of lumbar spine flexion distraction application (It will look so familiar!) as well as cervical spine treatment (on The Cox8 Table) and side-lying treatment for pregnant patients (so comfortable and effective!) as well as patients who are in too much pain to  lie on their stomaches. 

Cox Technic is most effective biomechanically and clinically for lumbar spine back pain conditions. Check out what it offers the cervical spine related neck and arm pain conditions, the "newest" application of Cox Technic since 1991. Check out this video.

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