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War Veterans Suffering Back Pain and Leg Pain Like Never Before

March 15, 2012 10:41 by juliecoxcid

An eye-opening article in the Houston Press reports on the veterans coming home from wars in the Middle East, suffering with back pain and sciatica.

Back packs of 80 and 90 and 100 plus pounds that must be carried by on their backs plus the body armor of 30 to 40 pounds is being discussed as a culprit. Amazing that airport baggage over 50 pounds is considered too heavy and charged a surplus fee. Shipping companies charge extra for heavier loads, too. Military men and women carry these heavy loads daily and jump in and out of vehicles according to this article. No wonder lower back pain and leg pain (sciatica) is an issue.

The Veterans Administration does what it can. It seems that a suggestion was bantered around for a "back pain management clinic" to be added to all VA Hospitals. That didn't happen. Chiropractic is supposed to be available in all the VA Hospitals. It's coming slowly, it seems, but has never been in more demand. Chiropractic's non-surgical and non-drug approach may certainly meet the demand because these veterans don't want to take drugs and have surgery if they don't have to. Cox Technic may be the successful back surgery alternative for them.

Cox Technic is poised ready with certified and otherwise trained physicians to meet the demand for back pain relief for US veterans. A few bases even have Cox Tables and physicians on staff who treat the veterans with back pain, and these docs are busy.

We wish our veterans safety, thank them for their service, and hope more of them get access to chiropractic and even Cox Technic Flexion Distraction Spinal Manipulation care for their back pain.

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